Closing the Book on We Read Too

We Read Too has long been a passion of mine so deciding to sunset the app is an incredibly painful decision for me. As I expand my career beyond being an engineer, I want to be honest with myself and with you all: I no longer have the capacity to continue to run We Read Too.

When I founded and launched We Read Too 9 years ago, I never expected it to reach hundreds of thousands of people. My only hope was that it could help kids discover books where they see themselves and books where they can learn about other cultures. We Read Too started out as a simple list of 300 books and is now a full-featured app with over 1000 books in the directory. I've grown so much personally through working on We Read Too and I'm so grateful to everyone who has been helpful throughout these years.

Although We Read Too will no longer be available, I would love for the directory to live on. If you are a developer interested in receiving an API Token to access the directory's database to use for non-profit projects, please reach out. If you know such a developer, have them reach out. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded the app over the years and to everyone who has supported me!

The landscape of diversity in youth literature has changed a lot since 2014. I'm so happy to see just how many more authors of color are in the spotlight. Here are some resources I suggest that align with We Read Too's mission and will help you maintain a diverse bookshelf for your children:

The app has been removed from the Play Store and will soon be removed from the App Store. Thanks again for your support.